Catherine Matthews

Catherine Matthews is an educator and author living north of Seattle with her husband and two boxers, Delta the Destroyer and Buttercup the Bored. She is currently querying her debut novel, Becoming Benny. Her essay, Deeper Than Social Connections, is featured in the eBook and audiobook editions of the anthology Alone Together: Love, Grief, and Comfort in the Time of COVID-19.

After a lifetime of academic writing, Catherine discovered her passion for creative writing when she dove into writing her blog, Life Through My Lens. In contrast to her dissertation, which should not be read while operating heavy machinery, her stories will make you laugh and cry as she recollects the follies of her youth, and her adventures in parenting, teaching, and leading schools.

A learner at heart, she hosts a weekly Shut Up and Write group to support her local writing community and is an active member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and Hugo House.  She is up before dawn to start her day with her two favorite things: riding her bike and working on her latest novel.

You can connect with her on Twitter (@cmatthewsauthor) or Instagram (@catherinematthewsauthor) or visit her webpage www.catherinematthewsauthor.com.

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Member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association

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