Birds of a Feather

Birds are such fascinating creatures.  Aloft they embody freedom and grace. Many are fierce and agile predators.  With their young in equal measure, they are nurturing and protective.  Though they share the obvious anatomy and physiology to be classified together, I am amazed at their diversity.  They are very difficult to photograph in my experience.  I am in awe of their beauty in flight or perched.  I have been known to stare at single bird or flock of them for hours trying to unravel the mysteries of their behavior.

Great Blue Heron on shore




Eagle Skagit River

Young Eagle Skagit Washington

Eagle soaring over the Skagit River

Osprey taking off from nest on Everett Waterfront

Great Blue Heron in black and white walking in water

Eagle landing on a branch on the Snohomish River



Blue Bird

yellow bird


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